Corporate Overview


In 1985, Vince Martin and Mark Train purchased three companies from their employer, Canadian manufacturing conglomerate AMCA, and created Jason. Train borrowed letters from Jason’s initial acquisitions – Janesville Products, Osborn Manufacturing, and Jackson Buff – to give the new company its name.

Collaborative partnership between Jason and its divisions – and among the divisions themselves – has fueled Jason’s growth from the start.

“The strength of the company needed to be at the operating level,” Martin says. “Not just in operations, but at a strategic level in the markets our divisions served.”

Jason provides an overarching strategic vision. Key elements include purchasing companies that lead their markets, fully leveraging international growth opportunities, providing a platform that encourages collaboration, holding every employee to a global standard of excellence, and rewarding employees fairly across all divisions.

The principles and processes that help Jason continue to lead the manufacturing world in overall quality, innovation, continuous improvement, and growth are outlined in the Jason Business System.

Mission Statement

Jason Incorporated manages a portfolio of world-class manufacturing companies and, by leveraging their collective strengths, establishing unified goals and ensuring shared knowledge, helps each organization expand its leadership status and achieve its greatest potential. The result is innovative solutions that provide value to customers and drive success for employees, shareholders and suppliers.

Pledge to Health, Safety and the Environment

Our primary goal is the protection of our employees. Therefore, Jason is firmly committed to providing a healthy, injury-free and environmentally responsible workplace. Our philosophy is that accidents are preventable.

The cornerstone of the Jason Business System is the empowerment of employees. We encourage each associate to take ownership of and contribute to the continuous strengthening of Jason's safety and environmental programs.

As a company, we are determined to create a proactive safety culture through education, open communication, and employee leadership and participation - elements that will advance us toward a world-class, environmentally healthy, and accident free workplace.

Employees are responsible for following safe work practices, abiding by company rules and preventing injuries.

Worldwide, our teams are committed to systematically identifying potential hazards and taking the appropriate engineered approach to formulating solutions that prevent or eliminate hazards and exposures that may jeopardize employee safety. Where expertise is not available within the Jason family, we will seek the guidance and expertise of external specialists.

Management Systems
The dependability and strength of our Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental systems guide us to make sound management choices and enable us to operate as an industry leader, achieving incident-free performance.

Collaboration is key and, therefore, information is shared throughout Jason facilities, with our priorities focused on implementing the world's best practices.

Regulatory Compliance
Globally, we resolve to comply with or exceed all federal, state and local regulations, as well Jason's own stringent policies to maintain a high degree of ethical and operational standards.