Osborn is the global leader in metal preparation, polishing, and finishing. Craftsmen have been choosing Osborn industrial brushes, buffs, compounds and abrasives since 1887 due to our products’ robust performance and long life.
Milsco is the market leader in the design and production of innovative seating solutions. Motorcycle riders and lawn mower and off-highway equipment operators have appreciated the ergonomic design and comfort of Milsco seats since 1924.

Leadership Team

Brian Cassady

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chad Paris

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Timm Fields

Senior Vice President and General Manager — Engineered Components

Keith Walz

Senior Vice President and General Manager – Industrial
Leadership team biographies

Jason Corporate Policies

Jason Group Corporate Policies


A heritage of excellence

Jason’s roots trace back to Industrial Revolution era.
In 1985, Vince Martin and Mark Train purchased three companies from their employer, Canadian manufacturing conglomerate AMCA, to create Jason. Through a series of tuck-in acquisitions and organic growth initiatives, the company grew to its current state.


Lean manufacturing. Proven solutions.

In both of our businesses, our focus is on developing deep connections with our key partners. These interactions generate insights we use to enhance our offerings and performance. That performance is most directly driven by our organization-wide Lean Manufacturing transformation. Lean Manufacturing drives our approach to manufacturing operations and product and customer management by understanding value in the eyes of the customer, creating the value stream, and continuously improving.
As we expand and further serve our world-class customers, we guide our work with focuses on cash flow generation, resource use optimization, and process simplification. In this way, we work continually to position Jason for the future as we bring both long-proven and newly developed solutions to OEMs.

Targeted growth initiatives

Our business-specific growth strategies build on the Jason companies’ longstanding partnerships with leading OEMs.
  • Osborn – Our finishing business offers growth opportunities in diverse geographies—especially the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Mexico—as well as vertical markets including Oil & Gas, Heavy Fabrication, and Automotive. New product development includes core product refreshment and differentiated product systems.
  • Milsco – Growth opportunities in seating include new platform placements and aftermarket support, as well as opportunities created by our customers’ globalization.