In everything we do, we focus on enhancing end-user operator activity via comfort, safety and productivity. Across each of the Jason businesses, our focus is on developing deep connections with our key partners. These interactions generate insights we use to enhance our offerings and performance. That performance is most directly driven by our organization-wide Lean Manufacturing transformation.  Lean Manufacturing drives our approach to manufacturing operations and product and customer management by understanding value in the eyes of the customer, creating the value stream, and continuously improving.

As a group of four distinct companies, each business is poised to benefit from others’ experience and access in markets around the world. As we expand and further serve our world-class customers, we guide our work with focuses on cash flow generation, resource use optimization, and process simplification. In this way, we work continually to position Jason for the future as we bring both long-proven and newly developed solutions to OEMs.

Scalable Business Philosophy

We use a consistent strategy and focus to deploy capital and resources across our businesses, emphasizing projects that offer the highest potential returns on invested capital. Our management team works to enhance product innovation, efficiency, global accessibility and competitiveness by sharing best practices across the company. These best practices serve to continually improve the processes and products our customers depend on. Our global reach offers customers a consistent and fully integrated manufacturing partner capable of serving their needs on a global, regional and local basis.

Providing World-Class OEMs with Superior Design & Manufacturing Solutions

Jason provides customers with innovative, customized solutions through production flexibility and collaboration with our customers’ own design and manufacturing teams. We have consistently refined manufacturing processes to incorporate technologies that improve design capabilities, breadth of product offering, product quality, and manufacturing efficiency. Across our businesses, our design teams—working from multiple geographic regions—respond quickly to real-time customer needs. We are proud that our customers view us as their partners. And we are proud to deliver to them high value-add solutions.

Pledge to Health, Safety and the Environment

Jason is committed to providing a healthy, injury-free and environmentally responsible workplace. Our philosophy is that accidents are preventable. We encourage each associate to take ownership of and contribute to the continuous strengthening of Jason’s safety and environmental programs. As a company, we are determined to create a proactive safety culture through education, open communication, and employee leadership and participation—elements that will advance us toward a world-class, environmentally healthy, and accident-free workplace.