Global Reach. World Class Customers.

Jason is a globally diversified company comprised of four distinct businesses. We are committed to delivering best-in-class products that serve the finishing, seating, components and acoustics markets.

Osborn is the global leader in metal preparation, polishing, and finishing. Craftsmen have been choosing Osborn industrial brushes, buffs, compounds and abrasives since 1887 due to our products’ robust performance and long life.

Metalex offers best-in-class solutions for metal-formed component production. Since 1962, our industry-leading engineering and individualized solutions have produced products used in many applications including safety grating, security fencing and filtration applications.

Milsco is the market leader in the design and production of innovative seating solutions. Motorcycle riders and lawn mower and off-highway equipment operators have appreciated the ergonomic design and comfort of Milsco seats since 1924.

Janesville is the leading producer of lightweight acoustical fiber products. On 70% of light vehicle platforms in North America, our panels and components have been used since 1874 and today help protect and improve the automotive cabin atmosphere.