Subject: Coronavirus COVID-19

Jason Industries, Inc. is proud of the products provided by our Milsco and Osborn businesses in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Asia. In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jason has been taking and continues to take measures to ensure the continuity of products while also protecting the health and wellness of our employees and communities.


To continue to support our customers and protect our employees during these unprecedented times, we have established a management committee that meets every morning and is monitoring virus-related developments to be proactive where possible and to address concerns as they arise. As of this writing, our manufacturing locations remain open and operational.


Jason continues to keep the safety and welfare of its employees a priority and is taking every precaution to safeguard them during this time from a possible outbreak and spread of infection. Before the United States implemented a National State of Emergency, we implemented restrictions on employee travel as a precautionary effort for customers, suppliers and employees alike. As of March 17, none of our offices have closed, but we have restricted visitors at our facilities. In addition, our technology infrastructure enables Jason employees to work effectively and securely while outside of the office and most “back office” or administrative employees are working from home. If there are any family or indirect contact health concerns, whether manufacturing, operational or administrative, we have directed such employees to also work remotely. In close connection with our health and risk management service providers, we continuously monitor and provide our employees with information and best practices to prevent the spread of any illness, both at work and at home.


We understand that we are potentially facing a new global reality in addressing issues such as risk management and industry disruption. Rest assured, we continue to be disciplined in our approach to maintain the integrity of our manufacturing and financial operations. In the last 18 months, we have implemented significant improvements to our disaster recovery, backup and cybersecurity systems that not only protect our data and mitigate interruptions to our systems, but serve as the backbone for our continued ability to support our customers and partners during these times.


We appreciate the partnerships with our customers, suppliers and most importantly, our employees, and will make periodic updates to our website as the coronavirus continues to impact our daily lives. Please periodically check the following websites at,, and, but if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


Brian Kobylinski


President and

Chief Executive Officer