New stringer bead offers industry-leading material removal capabilities and product longevity.

RICHMOND, Ind. – December 1, 2017 – Osborn introduced its new TufBrushTM 4-inch stringer bead with up to three times longer life for weld cleanup applications, including root and hot pass, surface preparation, pipe joining and other applications.

With an improved, patent-pending design structure, Osborn’s TufBrush stringer bead is made from carbon steel material and provide twice the life and 15 percent better material removal than its closest competitor.

Primarily used with a 5/8-inch, 11 rolled thread, the 4-inch TufBrush is designed to last longer than competitive brushes, which reduces the number of brush changes and increases efficiency. The reduced number of brushes allows users to complete tasks faster with more effective material removal.  TufBrush stringer beads are made in the United States, which provides consistency from brush to brush and uses Osborn’s new proprietary wire.

“Based on user feedback, we challenged our engineers to create the best stringer bead in the market, and they rose to the challenge,” said Scott Scheider, product manager, brushes, at Osborn. “With the TufBrush 4-inch stringer bead, customers no longer have to choose between longer life or material removal when it comes to brushes. TufBrush delivers better material removal than the closest competitors in the market with industry-leading durability and cleanliness.”

The TufBrush stringer bead launch represents the first in a series of core product re-designs aimed at improving users’ safety and productivity.

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